Trauma Described As Personification

Trauma describes extremely negative emotions as the result of physical damage or unusual events that completely alter a person’s life for the worse. Trauma preserves the harm as a distinct memory but also records the pain and preserves much of the negativity for future reference. As this amounts to long term psychological scarring, the damage is recurring and can create severe reactions to anything that suggests the event.

People recalling a traumatic event can feel gripped by fear and anxiety but also feel psychologically exhausted and even lose their sense of steadiness. Since human beings are designed to evade stalking predators, any hint that suggests the same chain of event that caused the trauma might cause a terrorized reaction like a bolt of lightening. Memory formation and recall are greatly strengthened due to terror.

Any sort of trauma has lasting impacts as the damage is likely very real. At the very least, it heightens the individual’s sense of vulnerability. Real social and bodily damage might also have resulted from trauma. Strong memories stay with you for life.

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